Tender Loving

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Friday, March 25, 2005

It's been a while... too long...

Well, most of you probably thought I was never going to write in my blog again, neither did I actually, but here I am! :-)

I haven't written mostly because there isn't a whole lot to report on from day to day with me... I mostly work, sleep, eat, and occasionally go bowling... but now I actually have some things to report on. It's takin' nearly4 months to come up with some stuff, but at least I'm writing!

Well, on with the first bit of news... I have been bowling recently, as mentioned above and my score is getting higher and higher each time I bowl (with Danielle, my fellow bowling fanatic)... her score is also increasing at an amazing rate... that being said, I have to announce that I've reached my all-time record score of 214! Hooray! For those of you who don't know bowling scores, 300 is the highest you can get, and breaking 200 is a pretty hard thing to do, and well I did it! Aside from that, my bowling average is now around 165, which is pretty decent...

Alrighty, moving on... might be getting a new job in the next month or so (keep your fingers crossed for me!)... A big thanks has to go out to Danielle for giving me this opportunity to have an interview... which in my opinion went pretty good, and from what Danielle tells me, Jeremy (who would be my boss if I get the job)thought that it went well also... in fact, it's supposedly between me and one other person, so we'll probably have to both go for a second interview, this time with Jeremy and his boss, and this one is gonna be harder... the best part of this job is it'll be 3 to 11, Monday through Friday, and never on the weekends, and most importantly, NO OVERNIGHTS!!!!! I will be free from the horrible working night life! Actually, the best thing about this job is that there's hardly, if not any, physical labour, there's great benefits, I get to work with Danielle, and after working there for six months, I have the possibility of making around 50% more than I do right now! Woohoo!

Next up... It looks like I will most likely be moving out of this apartment within the next few months, if I can find a good enough place at a reasonable price... and I will be moving in with Joey... for those of you who don't know Joey, he is my beloved boyfriend of over 2 1/2 years... it's a big step to be moving in together, I know, but as long as we have our own spaces, I'm sure it'll be fine... plus it should help me out, and probably him, financially... which reminds me, if anyone knows anyone who wants to possibly sublet my apartment starting from around May or June, feel free to let me know... :-)

Let's see... anything else.......... ah yes, one last thing... Party at my place Friday, April 8th! Come one, come all! And I don't want any excuses, I want all of you to come this time, no backing out, I promise it will be great, or your money back... :-)

Well, it's been fun getting this all out, and it's been a lot to read, I know, and I apologise... I promise to write as often as I can, and this time I mean it for sure... ;-)

Take care everyone, until next time!


Friday, December 03, 2004

My First Blog! Yay!

Well, I finally caved in and joined the crowd of bloggers all around the world! This is a first for me cause I've never kept a diary or anything like that, and I don't like to talk too much about myself, unless asked by someone, but I figured this would be a good place and way to start... Plus, all my friends are doin' it and I really enjoy what they have to say...So here we go... Welcome to the exciting world of Terrance Lawrence Firth (aka Tender Lovin' Firth, both copywrited by Mari)!

My first day of posting will be simple and straight forward (excluding the intro)... Today, I was informed that on the day of Thursday, December 2nd, 2004, my precious family cat of at least 13 years, Kitty, was put to rest... It was more of a relief to me cause she lived a long life (according to feline standards) and was content through most of it, but was recently very ill, and it was the best decision to be made... the only regret was that I wasn't able to see her one last time... :-(

In other, more uplifting news, only 20 more days til I go home for xmas, which is the first time I will be home for xmas in 3 years (my goodness how time flies!)... as Mari mentioned, her, Criss, Derek, and I will all be travelling together, so the trip won't be as lonely, which is a nice change... we can sing xmas carols and drink egg nog along the way... :-)

Well, this is already waaaaay too long for a blog entry (just compared to most I read) so I'll end it here and write some more in a little bit, gotta pace myself ya know... ;-)